Top 10: theme song/soundtrack

Sticking all day long in your head. You know those theme songs that everybody will remember. Here I’ve made list with what I think are the best theme songs.

1. Star Wars

2. Harry Potter

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

4. The Godfather

5. Mission Impossible

6. James Bond

7. Indiana Jones

8. Just like heaven

9. Titanic

10. Jaws

I love these songs. They make a movie even more noticeable. I mean, what is James Bond without its theme song?

What is your top 10?


Movie Marathon night!

I’m holding a movie marathon! I’m really exited though. I only need to choose a theme for the evening. So I thought I’m going to make a list of 3 genres and give each genre 5 movies. So when I’m holding another movie marathon night, I don’t have to do this all over again.

So now lets see. What kinds of fun genres do we have?

#         Worst horror/thriller movies ever

#         Greatest Fantasy films

#         Greatest Life films

These are the three lists I’ve come up with. I know that the godfather has more than one film but we do have all night! In a few post I maybe will make a tutorial on how to make my favourite film snack.

I do have yet another question for you –What is your favourite theme for a nice movie marathon night? Just leave a comment here below.