Blood Ties Review

Yeay! Second post of the day! Well this time it is a review of a movie I’ve seen yesterday. Read the story line here (IMDB)

I give this movie a 4.8 out of a 5. It was that great. Just the feeling of the movie. It was great. It kept my attention the entire time. Although it is a action movie, it has a great story behind it. Clive Owen plays the bad guy so good. Like the role is written for him. His ‘brother’ also played well, because he really annoyed me by being who he was! I just loved the fact that it has this family, split in two who comes together and again go their own ways. It may seem a little bit like nonsense. But I can just explain why I like this family aspect of this film. It is just so realistic with really realistic dialogs. that’s just the word for this movie: Realistic. Not too much drama, enough action and all in a realistic modern world… (Even though the movie decor plays in the ’70)

If you have ever seen this movie… Tell me what you think!


Tim Burton

First of all… OMG he is **** awesome! Every movie the man makes is absolutely amazing…

Okay back to my normal self J. I think Tim Burton is a genius. When I first saw a movie of Tim Burton I felt in love with his style of art. My first movie of him was Sweeny Todd. This movie impressed me and made me wander if this man had some more movies. On that day I realised what I had missed all this time.

His art is has this gothic and dark sense. These rough edges make it just really special and different from other movies. I also watched his first animation. This was made for his favourite poet Allan Edgar Phoo. I thought it was really cute and ad the same time weird. It’s so innocent but at the same time I felt the same as that little guy. I really entertained me even tough it is an old animation all in black and white.

What is also remarkable of his movies, that he always chooses for a certain actors and actresses. I am, of course, speaking of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. I am font of these two. They are like brother and sister. They play so well together.

I’ve made a list of my top 6 favourite movies of Tim Burton. I’m curious of how your list looks like

  1. Sweeny Todd
  2. Edward Scissor hands
  3. Alice in wonderland (great animations)
  4. Frankenweenie
  5. Big Fish
  6. Charley and the chocolate factory

So, I love to see your lists of this great director. Just add it in the comment place. Thank you!

The Awesome Great Gatsby

Finally I got to see this movie. I’ve heard a lot about this movie but never got the change to see it.

It al begins with a man who lives right next to this mysterious Mr Gatsby. He was a writer but when Wall Street is having it’s best time he starts to study economics. His cousin lives right at the other side of the bay. On one day he gets invited to a party of this great Mr Gatsby. This party is awesome. The newest things are all there- big great swimming pool with nice ladies dancing around- Fireworks with a big bang. Everything is there.

When he meets Mr Gatsby he wants to ask him a favour. It’s a favour that makes al sense in the end.

I began really awkward. I didn’t know what the movie was about. I thought we would never meet Gatsby or never know something about him. But when you reach to the end it all makes more sense and it made me quiet curious.

The movie really, really made me more curious, something that not always work with me. Most of the time it annoys me when I don’t know where the movie is going. But this movie, I don’t know. It was just great. The end is what broke my heard… that’s all what I will say about it.

I would recommend this to everyone who likes this kind of life films. You see and hear what this person has been trough- his whole life is played in this movie.


I would rate it a 4 out of 5.