Blood Ties Review

Yeay! Second post of the day! Well this time it is a review of a movie I’ve seen yesterday. Read the story line here (IMDB)

I give this movie a 4.8 out of a 5. It was that great. Just the feeling of the movie. It was great. It kept my attention the entire time. Although it is a action movie, it has a great story behind it. Clive Owen plays the bad guy so good. Like the role is written for him. His ‘brother’ also played well, because he really annoyed me by being who he was! I just loved the fact that it has this family, split in two who comes together and again go their own ways. It may seem a little bit like nonsense. But I can just explain why I like this family aspect of this film. It is just so realistic with really realistic dialogs. that’s just the word for this movie: Realistic. Not too much drama, enough action and all in a realistic modern world… (Even though the movie decor plays in the ’70)

If you have ever seen this movie… Tell me what you think!


My favourite movie Snack

Soo it’s been a while since I uploaded something. Since it is vacation time I can spend a hell of a lot more time on writing. That’s why I’m starting again. I had the need to write. First I didn’t know what about, but then my brain helped me remember I had this blog.

Enough chit chat. Back to my list of my favourite snack. I must tell you I am the kind of person who takes snacks from home to the movie. That way I don’t need to buy a little bag of crisps for like €4,-. Really why is it that expensive! If they asked a reasonable price I would buy it over at the cinema… But now I just think they are robbing me of my money!

My favourite yum-yum snacks I really really love!!

1: Salty Popcorn (classic choise… I know)

2: Nacho’s with a cheese dip (Nom Nom :D)

3: Chocolate M&M’s (I don’t like the peanut M&M’s)

4: Paprika Crisps Light (Because I do need to think about my figure… XD)

5: Fudge

Now I shared my favourite Movie Snack. I’m wondering what are yours? Or do you maybe make your own?

Review 2 Guns

Little spoiler alert…. Not a real big deal though.

I didn’t expect that this movie would be that good. I thought it would just be another over manly film with a lot of explosions and stupid word jokes.  But it was really entertaining and it never bored me.

The movie is about two men who got together to rob a bank. One of them is a cop (Denzel Washington) the other is in the navy (Matt Damon). They neither know that they are undercover agents. Together they rob a bank as the cop wants to infiltrate a drug cartel. This all goes wrong as they have to get the money back. I don’t want to reveal too much of the movie. I just recommend you just watch the trailer and then watch the movie.

The acting was really good. I liked the acting between Denzel and Matt. It makes it all more real but also very light to watch. There’s no complicated drama story to follow.

The story comes in easy and the plot goes just in a good rhythm. I never get bored because action gets combined with a good dose of comedy and a pinch of drama. They’ve created a good balance between everything.

As I said I hadn’t expected this movie to be that good. Everything just blended in nicely. I would recommend this to everyone who likes a good action movie and at the same time a decent (and believable) storyline.

I rate it 4.8 out of 5 stars

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