My favourite movie Snack

Soo it’s been a while since I uploaded something. Since it is vacation time I can spend a hell of a lot more time on writing. That’s why I’m starting again. I had the need to write. First I didn’t know what about, but then my brain helped me remember I had this blog.

Enough chit chat. Back to my list of my favourite snack. I must tell you I am the kind of person who takes snacks from home to the movie. That way I don’t need to buy a little bag of crisps for like €4,-. Really why is it that expensive! If they asked a reasonable price I would buy it over at the cinema… But now I just think they are robbing me of my money!

My favourite yum-yum snacks I really really love!!

1: Salty Popcorn (classic choise… I know)

2: Nacho’s with a cheese dip (Nom Nom :D)

3: Chocolate M&M’s (I don’t like the peanut M&M’s)

4: Paprika Crisps Light (Because I do need to think about my figure… XD)

5: Fudge

Now I shared my favourite Movie Snack. I’m wondering what are yours? Or do you maybe make your own?


Top 10: theme song/soundtrack

Sticking all day long in your head. You know those theme songs that everybody will remember. Here I’ve made list with what I think are the best theme songs.

1. Star Wars

2. Harry Potter

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

4. The Godfather

5. Mission Impossible

6. James Bond

7. Indiana Jones

8. Just like heaven

9. Titanic

10. Jaws

I love these songs. They make a movie even more noticeable. I mean, what is James Bond without its theme song?

What is your top 10?

Tim Burton

First of all… OMG he is **** awesome! Every movie the man makes is absolutely amazing…

Okay back to my normal self J. I think Tim Burton is a genius. When I first saw a movie of Tim Burton I felt in love with his style of art. My first movie of him was Sweeny Todd. This movie impressed me and made me wander if this man had some more movies. On that day I realised what I had missed all this time.

His art is has this gothic and dark sense. These rough edges make it just really special and different from other movies. I also watched his first animation. This was made for his favourite poet Allan Edgar Phoo. I thought it was really cute and ad the same time weird. It’s so innocent but at the same time I felt the same as that little guy. I really entertained me even tough it is an old animation all in black and white.

What is also remarkable of his movies, that he always chooses for a certain actors and actresses. I am, of course, speaking of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. I am font of these two. They are like brother and sister. They play so well together.

I’ve made a list of my top 6 favourite movies of Tim Burton. I’m curious of how your list looks like

  1. Sweeny Todd
  2. Edward Scissor hands
  3. Alice in wonderland (great animations)
  4. Frankenweenie
  5. Big Fish
  6. Charley and the chocolate factory

So, I love to see your lists of this great director. Just add it in the comment place. Thank you!

Movie Marathon night!

I’m holding a movie marathon! I’m really exited though. I only need to choose a theme for the evening. So I thought I’m going to make a list of 3 genres and give each genre 5 movies. So when I’m holding another movie marathon night, I don’t have to do this all over again.

So now lets see. What kinds of fun genres do we have?

#         Worst horror/thriller movies ever

#         Greatest Fantasy films

#         Greatest Life films

These are the three lists I’ve come up with. I know that the godfather has more than one film but we do have all night! In a few post I maybe will make a tutorial on how to make my favourite film snack.

I do have yet another question for you –What is your favourite theme for a nice movie marathon night? Just leave a comment here below.

Forgotten Childhood Movies

As a nineties kid I think we had the best movies ever. I wonder if the ’00 will do the same… If I’m looking trough my list of my favourite childhood movies (a lot of Disney tough) I spot that I’ve forgotten about a lot of awesome movies too.

Who remembers the Casper, the friendly Ghost? I loved this movie so bad when I was a child. I can remember I was really afraid of that woman who turns into a ghost at the end. What I also remembered is that I liked Casper better when he was in ghost-form than when he was a human. It discussed me that he transformed… although I don’t know why I did. I was just a weird child.



Another favourite was the little princess. I adored this movie. This girl was just so full of life and in that time of my life I really needed that. That even though it is a hard time there is a always better thing to think about and to live for. What I also remember is the guy with the tulip. You know, the one who gave them a free breakfast. Because of him I never trust a man with a tulip again.



These are just two of my forgotten childhood movies. I wonder do you have any forgotten childhood movies? Of what were you favourite movies?