A few days ago, I went to the Cinema to watch the movie 2 guns. (I did a review for that movie. LINK) I go to a cinema where they say the film begins at 10:15 PM but it really starts at 10:30 PM thanks to all the commercials that fly by.

Not that I don’t like them because all the movies that are soon to be released will show up in this commercial block. One of the movies grabbed my attention. It was the movie The Family.

I saw the trailer and could think anything else than that this is just a fun movie to watch. Kind of like We’re the Millers I think and I liked that movie, so I hope this one is just as good as we’re the Millers.

The movie is about a family that has to hide from the mafia. They go to Europe and hide their in France. They are American and it’s a bit of different culture. They try to fit in but there are a few problems that may seem to occur through the movie.


I loved the sense of humour and the drama that lays behind it. To all of you guys that are curious about that movie to here is the link to the trailer.


The Book Thief

On my Facebook page there was a post of IMDB with a film poster. It really caught my attention and clicked on the link.

The movie is about a little girl Liesel who gets adopted in the period when the Nazi’s were ruling Europe. She gets to meet her adoptive parents who live in the United Kingdom. On one day a Jew needs help and her parents gave him a place to stay. She isn’t allowed to talk about him with anyone. The man and Liesel share a great passion. They read banned books.

When I saw the trailer fell in love with this story. How exited to meet someone who shares this passion- how adventurous it must be to do something that’s not allowed. What I thought was nice too was that the film feels like you are in the third world war. Or at least the trailer did. I felt like the girl must have felt like in such times – to have your own resistance by just reading and sharing those books.

What I also think is going to be good about this movie is that they filmed it just right. The trailer show me the light times by this warm glow in the shots and how nervous it feels by the blue tinted scenes. But that is what I think. I should just wait until the film is released. I hope this movie really does have what I think it does and I hope it comes out soon. I really felt like watching it and I am really exited too!! This movie is in the cinema at the 13th of februari 2014.

And with that said I have another question for you all. What is the best war movie you have ever seen.

(the photo) Did you noticed it is captain Barbossa… without his beard!

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