Forgotten Childhood Movies

As a nineties kid I think we had the best movies ever. I wonder if the ’00 will do the same… If I’m looking trough my list of my favourite childhood movies (a lot of Disney tough) I spot that I’ve forgotten about a lot of awesome movies too.

Who remembers the Casper, the friendly Ghost? I loved this movie so bad when I was a child. I can remember I was really afraid of that woman who turns into a ghost at the end. What I also remembered is that I liked Casper better when he was in ghost-form than when he was a human. It discussed me that he transformed… although I don’t know why I did. I was just a weird child.



Another favourite was the little princess. I adored this movie. This girl was just so full of life and in that time of my life I really needed that. That even though it is a hard time there is a always better thing to think about and to live for. What I also remember is the guy with the tulip. You know, the one who gave them a free breakfast. Because of him I never trust a man with a tulip again.



These are just two of my forgotten childhood movies. I wonder do you have any forgotten childhood movies? Of what were you favourite movies?


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