What makes a good movie?

We have all seen those movies where you are already irritated by the fact that the storyline is falling apart in just 10 minutes. When a hero can jump over a bridge and land on a car without a scratch. I can really get annoyed when a movie that starts so well can fall down in just 1 second.

A good movie that really gets my attention is a movie with a good storyline. Taking for example the Sherlock Holmes movies. Just when you see it for the first time you don’t pay attention to all the detail in the movie. But when he begins to explain why he know that much, I think it’s wonderful at how they can the story very interesting until the last seconds.

Actors are making or breaking a movie too. When an actor is known for his good acting in drama movies -do not expect them to do that well in comedy. I don’t say they can’t but I do know that many actors do have a kind of reputation. Take, by example, Johnny Depp. I think he is one of the greatest actors- one of the best. But when I see him play a serious role, I think it’s not his best work. But as I said it’s not like it isn’t possible. The film Blow is an excellent movie of Johnny Depp.

What do you think a good movie must have? Or what a movie can make or break?


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